Friday, May 27, 2011

The Laundry Situation

I reckon our laundry situation has gotten a bit out of control. Maybe-a lot out of control. I reckon we should go back to last week with what started out as such good intentions...

Last week I did 2 loads of little boy clothes (among many other loads-but these 2 are important to the story). One for each boy- Their hampers only hold that much so I don't allow myself to let it get out of hand. (Side note-Do crazy people set up those kinds of limits to keep themselves in check? Hmmm....) I delayed the folding of that never-ending pile of tiny clean clothes until my sweet hubby got home to help. Which he helped with very graciously. We did this after the boys went to bed while watching TV- therefore I was unable to put them up directly-therefore setting the neatly folded piles in a laundry basket to be put away tomorrow-therefore setting myself up for failure.

Fast forward a week and we have been moving this laundry basket to our bed every morning to pick clothes from it and back to our computer chair every night to lay in our bed. Somehow-one child's clothes got put away and the other's did not. I have no excuse... Over the course of the week more clothes have been added to the pile in the laundry basket. As well as more loads of laundry being done and left unfolded in the laundry room. Leaving the house this morning-I pass the laundry room and let out an audible sigh as I pass the scene of devastation waiting to be organized. I vow-I will take care of it all at nap time!

It is now nap time. And I am so disturbed by what I found in the laundry basket in our room-I had to stop and blog. I make myself comfy on the bed and dig in. The top layer-a mix of dirty clothes and clean ones that didn't make the morning "dressing" cut. I should have re-washed the whole basket-but there are other loads in line. I don't have time for that. So, I picked out the clean ones. Yes-with the smell test-you've done it too! Don't judge me! The second layer-sweet N's clean clothes that never got put up. They are no longer folded-so I start doing that. And I get closer to the bottom of this Narnia basket-a stack of 11 magazines and 2 books. One of which I am in the middle of reading and have not even missed. MAGAZINES people! I have no recollection of putting these in there-nor can think of a good reason why I would put a stack of magazines and books into a laundry basket in my room.

I reckon it's madness. That's the only explanation. Now-onto the laundry room. Wonder what we will find there...

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