Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I observed some things today that made me laugh and smile. And I want to share...I reckon that's what having a blog is all about!

I had a sweet preschooler explain the workings of the playground to me today.  "This is the big slide. These are the little slides. We stay on the little playground. No play with wood chips. This is B and this is N." Yes-she introduced my own children to me. Got to chuckle at that...

I had to tell Big B that he couldn't play with his itouch while he was in timeout. He's 2 and a half!!

I watched Little N bring said itouch to Big B and say "Dog". B-" Want to play Chica now?" N-"No. Dog". Then watched Big B pull up the dog game app for his little brother. N taking the itouch and walking away-"Th doo (Thank You)". I will again remind you that they are 2 and a half and 1 and a half-although I'm sure they have no idea.

I heard my sweet husband tell Big B that if he kept sticking his tongue out a bird would come and poop on it. Gross I know... Big B then turned to me with a huge smile and said, " I got poopie all over my mouth". I reckon being a mother of boys makes this laughable and not just revolting.

And now the highlights:

I watched a Little N-who has been fussing all day-immediatly calm down and pay attention with folded "prayer hands" as we said our bedtime prayers. And watched him give big brother goodnight hugs.

My heart melted as I played our goodnight game with Big B. Mommy-" I love you more than ice cream." B-" I love you-oranges." Mommy-"I love you more than sleeping in." B-" I love you-strawberries." Mommy-" I love you more than anything." B-"I love you-everything." Then I said my personal bedtime prayer for him and asked if there was anything he wanted to thank God for tonight-he is thankful for Pluto and Elmo. As I'm walking out of the room he says "Mommy, I had fun talking you anight."

I reckon they couldn't get much sweeter.

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  1. I've read it all - Great job! Isn't it odd how satisfying hitting that "publish" button is?

    So, now Lib and I are both officially "followers". Hope that's ok!

    In your free time (ha, ha), check out a couple of the blogs that are linked in my blog roll on the side - I think you'd like many of them. Most of them are "mommy blogs," but with kind of an artsy twist. I really think you'd enjoy reading Lemonade Makin' Mama and Life in Grace.

    After reading all of your posts, the only thing I could think of was that sometimes it's ok for you to do NOTHING at all, and mommy may need a NAP more than the kids do. So, take advantage while they are still willing to take an afternoon siesta! :-)